What to do in an emergency:

  • FOR SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS in Geelong, we participate in a voluntary roster along with 20 other dental practices. To use this service please call 52224776 to find which practice is rostered on. Please call before 9am on the day you need to be seen, as the service is usually limited to 2 hours only.

  • The Melbourne Dental Hospital and All Day Every Day Dental Emergency Brunswick are both options in an emergency if Geelong Hospital is unable to assist.

  • SWELLING requires urgent attention from either a Dentist or Doctor. Drainage and antibiotics are often required. Facial swelling can be very serious so do not delay seeking help. Serious swellings may require intravenous antibiotics at casualty department at Geelong hospital.

  • PAIN - severe aching pain to heat, cold or biting requires a prompt appointment with a dentist. Over the counter remedies and antibiotics are of little benefit here. The cause of the pain needs to be treated, often by root canal treatment or extraction. We do our best to make time available in our appointment book for instances like this, so please call us.

  • TEETH KNOCKED OUT, should be placed in milk if the whole tooth (including the root) has come out. Seek a Dentist urgently. If you can’t see a Dentist within 1hr. it is better to rinse the tooth in a very mild salt rinse or milk, to remove any dirt. Place the tooth back in the socket – but ONLY IF A WHOLE ADULT TOOTH WITH A FULL ROOT.