Dental Care tips & Questions

At what age should my children start having checkups?

3 years of age unless you notice a problem. By this age they may have decay and by 3 they can co-operate. A simple introductory check (from as early as 2 years), when parents have their checkups, is a good way to start them off

Can headaches be caused by teeth?

Yes. Many people grind or clench their teeth and this is a common cause of headaches and can trigger Migraines.

Are mouth rinses of any use?

Limited benefit. Nothing substitutes for good mechanical cleaning with a brush and floss to remove the thick plaque layers.

TIP: Food Gets Stuck

If you have checked with a dentist to be sure there is nothing needing repair, then a helpful tip is to tie a thick knot in the floss and pull it through the space – it grabs the food really well.

Will bleaching damage my teeth?

If administered properly, then there is little chance of damage. Teeth can become temporarily sensitive during home bleaching but usually settle quickly with a tooth paste for sensitive teeth.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cap or shell made of metal or porcelain which covers the tooth to strengthen it or make it look better. Bridges are crowns that go across gaps.

Are there alternatives to injections/needles?

In limited places in the mouth, new techniques are possible. We have found that most techniques are uncomfortable in there own way (we have tried them on ourselves!). Using numbing cream on the gum first and being very gentle is often more comfortable. Happy gas is fantastic for making injections easy.

Will lasers and air abrasion take the place of the drill?

While the prospect of lasers and air abrasion sound promising, they have so far proved to have limited practical use. The majority of dental treatment is still more comfortably and efficiently carried out with dental handpieces.

Can gum infection affect my health?

Yes. Increasingly, the medical profession is finding serious health effects from gum infection, including heart problems. There is a strong link between gum infection and diabetes.

What causes bad breath (halitosis)?

Bacteria, usually. This can be due to infected gums, cavities in the teeth which harbour germs or simply bacteria living on the tongue.

What is root canal treatment?

The removal of the dead or dying pulp (nerve) inside the tooth and then filling of the space left once this is done. This allows teeth that are badly damaged from decay, wear or trauma to be retained in the mouth.

Can I come to the dentist when pregnant?

Yes! It is important to maintain good dental health during pregnancy. We usually aim to schedule routine visits during the middle trimester when it is most comfortable for you. Emergency treatment can be provided at any time during pregnancy.