dental Treatments Available

  • Examinations
  • Cleaning (with Happy Gas if wanted)
  • Extractions
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dentures
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Composite Restorations
  • Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Wisdom Teeth

Many changes have happened in Dentistry over the last 30 years, both in technology (giving you more options) and in the Dental Profession’s attitudes to patient care (making your visits more enjoyable).

Many technologies have come and gone. Our role and responsibility is to evaluate which are worthy, safe and appropriate to offer you. If we wouldn’t have it ourselves, then we wouldn’t offer it to you.

We are skilled, experienced and caring operators. Our aim is to offer you good value practical solutions…. and we do not add extra little items in.

Where you need more complex treatment, we can refer you to trusted specialists.


Treating children well from the beginning is critical. So many adults today are still scared due to being mistreated when they were young. 

Our aim is to have children WANT to come back to visit us. Everything we do focuses on this goal.

The large dedicated playroom not only tells them they are important, but also gives mum and dad a break if they want some quiet time.

Stephen, Jason and Sapana are friendly and explain things. This helps a lot.

We use Happy Gas (for Adults too!!) and find that injections are often unnecessary for children. Kids LOVE Happy Gas!

They also like the TV’s on the ceilings and the presents they often receive for being brave and helpful.

We recommend starting full checkups at about 3 years of age because a lot can be happening by this time and children are becoming mature enough to respond well. A simple introductory visit from 2 years on, at the same time as Mum or Dad’s checkup, is a great way to familiarize young ones.

Young Adults

Frankly, Teenagers often come only because their parents make them!

We know this, so we try to support what mum and dad are trying to drum into them but also encourage them to take responsibility for their own dental health.

Unfortunately, this is often a time when much care is needed, with many new adult teeth needing sealing or restoring and orthodontic work being best done at this age.
Happy Gas and a sense of humour go a long way.

Once they have their own kids, they will thank Mum and Dad!


After high school, young adults often disappear for a few years.

Life is busy and accommodation changes. Mum and Dad aren’t there to make the appointments.

Often there is a bit of catching up to do, dentally, and from then on our goal is to maximize the hygiene and minimize the future treatment.

Happy Gas is excellent for many adults of all ages. It may be simply to relax or to make cleaning the teeth much more pleasant. It is excellent to reduce gagging and the appointments go much faster!

We use amalgam free materials and aim to offer choices. Complex and expensive options are not always the best and should not be rushed into.

As people get older, gum disease often becomes the main reason for regular visits.

Older Adults

Apart from care with your medical needs, you need to be treated with patience and gentleness.

Due to changes in the mouth, and the body generally, dental needs often increase later in life. Special care needs to be taken as decay and gum disease can lead to serious health issues, not to mention pain and loss of enjoyment when eating – the one thing Everyone is still guaranteed to enjoy when they are older!

It is particularly important to have good practical solutions that will take into account what may happen years down the track.