Dental veneers

Veneers are used to improve the appearance of your smile without the need to remove excessive tooth structure. Veneers are a thin layer of material that are applied to the outside of your teeth. These are often used to improve the colour or shape of your teeth. Our dentists will take the time to determine your needs and desires and will discuss the choice of composite resin (filling material) or porcelain. 

What will they look like?

Porcelain veneers are the most natural looking, long-term option for your teeth. They are custom made for your teeth so that we can control the final colour and shape. We work with local ceramists to digitally plan your veneers before we start your treatment. This allows you to see the final result right from the start. We will work with you to achieve the ideal colour for your smile and skin tone. 

Composite resin veneers are hand sculpted directly on your teeth. Your dentist will discuss with you before they begin the treatment to identify the ideal colour and shape for your smile. 


What are veneers used for?

  • Chipped teeth: Veneers can be used to reshape your teeth and repair chipping or trauma to your teeth. In some cases, your dentist may recommend alternative treatment options if you have heavy grinding habits. 
  • Discoloured or stained teeth: Sometimes whitening is not enough to mask a natural discoloration or defect in the tooth’s surface. Veneers allow us to match the adjacent teeth for a uniform colour.
  • Gaps: Veneers are a great solution for the correction of small gaps in your teeth to achieve a more uniform appearance.
  • Crowding: In cases of minor crowding, the teeth can be lightly trimmed to allow the even spacing of veneers. In cases of severe crowding, we will recommend alternative options like orthodontic treatment to ensure the health of your teeth.


Ready to update your smile? Schedule a consultation and let our expert team guide you through the process of custom veneers. Our team can work with you to create a treatment plan that fits with your goals and finance