Whatever the cause of your missing teeth, there are solutions to restore your smile and function. Losing teeth not only causes difficulty with eating, but can also leave you feeling self-conscious. This is why we are passionate about providing you with comfortable and functional dentures to replace your teeth. 

Dentures are custom made for your needs and provide the function and support you need to regain your confidence when eating and smiling. Each patient will be assessed based on their needs and, where possible, we aim to maintain as many teeth as possible to increase the support and function of the dentures.


Dental dentures

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth with a custom made metal framework that is supported by your natural teeth. These have the benefit of less movement and better comfort as they can be thinner and more minimal. Your dentist may also recommend crowns to increase the longevity of the anchor teeth for the denture. Where possible, your dentist may recommend keeping a number of natural teeth to increase the comfort of the denture. 

Fixed bridges and implants are great long-term alternatives to dentures, please get in contact if you would like to explore these options. 


Full dentures

A full denture is a custom fitted appliance that is used when an individual has lost all of their natural teeth. These are removable and tailored to your facial profile to achieve the most natural look for your smile. 

In cases where all of your remaining teeth need to be removed, we can use immediate dentures that will be inserted on the same day as removing your teeth. After a number of months your gums will shrink and your dentures will need to be relined to allow for a long lasting, well fitting denture.

Regain your confidence and enjoy the freedom of a natural, functional smile with our custom dentures. Book a consultation today and our team will guide you through the best treatment for your needs.