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Welcome to Bannockburn Dental

There’s a good chance you are here because a trusted friend or family member has recommended you to Bannockburn Dental.

At Bannockburn Dental we provide a positive dental experience in a caring and gentle environment. We are a family owned and run business that has proudly served our growing Bannockburn community since 1992. Our dentists are passionate about lasting treatment and will work with you to find the best options for your needs.

We offer comprehensive treatment including general dentistry, children’s dentistry, dentures, crowns, implants, veneers, whitening, wisdom tooth removal and root canal treatment. Our dentists are particularly passionate about providing positive and calm experiences for children. We also offer happy gas to help calm your nerves.

We have state of the art technology to offer implant treatment, same day crowns and digital smile designs. We are eager to provide you and your family with care and compassion from the moment you arrive.

We proudly service Bannockburn, Teesdale, Lethbridge, Meredith, Inverleigh, Batesford, Geelong and beyond. We find that patients are happy to travel to a dentist who provides caring and quality dentistry for the whole family.

We are mindful of the cost of dentistry and aim to inform you, give you choice and quality treatment with below average fees.

Our Dentists

Dr. Stephen Allsopp

Dr. Jason Allsopp

Dr. Sapana Patel

Dr. Adelaide Annand

Dr. Frazer Gatens